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Police massacres residents of Brazilian slum Pinheirinho in eviction

Governor Alckmin  dirty his  hands  with the blood: police massacres residents of Pinheirinho 

It is necessary to intensify the actions of solidarity and make protests all over the country and in the world. Brazilian party PSDB must pay for its crime! We demand from Dilma government expropriation of the land.

The massacre that happened in Pinheirinho, this Sunday, April22, is the sole responsibility of the Governor,  Geraldo Alckmin. The entire criminal decision was made directly by the PSDB. Governor. The action was clearly a legal absurdity, it has crossed over the direction of the Federal Court of Justice, that in last Friday, ordered to suspend the eviction. Even so, the PSDB government of São Paulo played the riot police to evict military brutally the working poor  from Pinheirinho  from their homes.
The city and the state government took advantage of the respite given by the federal court to attack a surprise move on Sunday morning. The invasion occurred around 6 am, with helicopters, tanks, guns, tear gas and pepper and at least 2,000 men from 33municipalities.
For the mayor Cury the poor cannot live in Pinheirinho because the occupation, which occurred more than eight years, is close to the city of privileged neighborhoods. The PSDB hate  the poor and protects the rich!
The mayor of the PSDB, the government and Alckmin’s police want to avoid the disclosure of the maximum number of victims of the eviction.. They want to portray a "quiet. reintegration" .However, what happened was a massacre in Pinheirinho supported by a massive security apparatus, which ran over everything, even a federal court order.

During the action, many residents showed their injuries caused by firing rubber bullets. There are numerous reports of police violence against the elderly, women and even disabled people. Police suppressed the inhabitants indiscriminately. Many mothers complained that they were prevented by police to pick up their children within the occupation. 
"We are here is to see the stuff go crazy," said the soldiers as answer to the appeals to of one mother. "

Inside the tents set up by the city to house the residents, the Civil Guard quelled with tear gas and rubber bullets the  residents, most of them women and children, who were on the  site.

The typical military action reminded the PSDB government policy that, when faced with serious social problems, throw his troops to massacre the poor and working people. It was so during the Cardoso’s government, at the time of the massacre of landless workers in Eldorado dos Carajás (PA), when 19 peasants were killed. So it was in the Corumbiara massacre, when 12 peasants were killed.

The old PSDB’ s policy is repeated in the  Pinheirinho and now the blood drips from the hands of Alckmin. Mayor Eduardo Cury, also of the PSDB, is responsible for their criminal negligence from the start and even refusal to negotiate with the federal government. Judge Marcia Loureiro is also responsible because it was the one who directly ordered the massacre and maintained a cruel intransigence.
At this moment, it is essential that the federal government ofPresident Rousseff manifest and intervene in the conflict. We demand that the federal government expropriate the terrain of the bandit Naji Nahas to Pinheirinho poor families to continue living in their homes. The terrain must belong to the workers and not acriminal convicted of corruption and money laundering!

We also call for solidarity 
for Pinheirinho residents, who need all the assistance of everyone, whether activists, celebrities,politicians or artists. Therefore, we appeal to the workers' organizations convene acts and street protests in every city in thecountry, to denounce the massacre of Alckmin. Let's fill thesquares and hold protests against the criminal actions of the PSDB.

We need to intensify the solidarity actions around the country. 
The PSDB government must pay for his crime!

According to reports from our correspondent who has just passed in one of the camps in Sao Jose dos Campos (Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help - Colonial District) which is also sheltering the residents of Pinheirinho, the situation is totallyinhumane. 
They were taken from their homes and the city has no way to accommodate them. 
They re without water and food.Some volunteers supportive from the City and other places havearrived with supplies.
 Regarding the deaths, unfortunatelyresidents continue affirming and according to a contact of Forensic Institute who asked not to be identified: "the dead who come Pinheirinho are directed to the Forensic Institute of SãoPaulo and listed as the population of the capital." 
We are awaiting more information.

help #Pinheirinho

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